How to Sell Your Home Fast and Get the Best Price

Selling your home can be a long, drawn out process that for many seems like too much hassle to even bother with. There are ways to speed things up that don’t result in receiving a lower price for your property.

Sell Online

The internet has made selling things so much easier and this includes houses. There are plenty of online estate agents, many of whom charge a lot less than your traditional high street variety. More and more house sellers are now marketing their properties online and making huge savings while still getting a great price for their property.

House Buyer Bureau are one such outlet. You just fill in an enquiry form, speak to an expert advisor and they will make you a cash offer, sometimes in as little as seven days. They buy all types of property located across the UK no matter what condition they are in. So if time is of the essence and you don’t want to compromise on price it’s a good option.

Auction It Off

The process of signing up your house to an auction may not be as quick as selling online but it does set a date when you can hope it will be sold by. Rather than let a never ending trail of potential buyers look round your house until one makes the right offer, an auction cuts out a lot of wasted effort as most people present will be interested buyers.

It also reduces costs such as maintenance and tax in the long term. Of course if you feel the price it goes for at auction is unsatisfactory you can normally agree not to sell on the day. However, a lot of the time houses that sell on auction go for more as it creates competition between buyers.

Remember the Basics

It may seem obvious yet as the housing market changes some sellers are forgetting the basic principles which help a house sell. Putting up a ‘For Sale’ sign is still vital as one in three sales are still triggered by this.

Keep your home and garden clean and tidy for visits. Ensure your home’s top qualities are highlighted wherever it is being marketed with a good image of the property attached. Ask viewers for any feedback and then work on their advice to help accelerate the sale. If it’s a good property and well advertised that significantly increases the chance of a speedy sale.