Moving House: 3 Simple Tips to Stay Sane During the Move

Congratulations. Or not. Whatever your reasons for moving may be – better schools, better environment, cheaper real estate, a bigger house, a smaller apartment – the headache involved is pretty much the same. In fact, moving from one house to another is supposed to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. So how do you deal with this stress? Follow these simple moving tips and keep that ulcer at bay.

1. Make a moving folder.

Whether this is an electronic spreadsheet for your computer of a physical colour coded file, you are definitely going to have to get organized. Make a list of who is going to do what. Then make a list, room wise, for all the stuff that you will be taking with you to the new house or flat. Label all the moving boxes and keep a list of what’s in what box. Also keep any important addresses and phone numbers handy. And don’t forget to make multiple copies of the folder for family members.

2. Don’t do the conveyancing yourself.

There are many professional firms and individuals that can take care of all the legalese and the hassle, all for less than a hundred pounds. And if you’re tech savvy, you can even complete the whole process online. In fact, if you’re looking for the cheapest conveyancing quotes, the internet is your new best friend.

3. Figure out whether you need to hire a professional moving service.

This is all going to depend on what you’re going to be moving to the new house or apartment. If it involves any heavy furniture (anything that can’t be dismantled) like armoires, expensive wooden tables and chairs, a piano perhaps, then you must hire people who know exactly how to pack an move these items. However if you’re moving to a fully furnished place, or have sent the heavy furniture ahead, all you need to do is hire a moving van to carry the whole family’s personal belongings to your new home.

Now that you have these handy little nuggets if wisdom, we hope that your move is a pleasant and relatively stress free one. If you have any tips you’d like to share or any questions about the process of moving, do write about it in the comments section. And if you’d like some more information on this topic, click here for more resources.


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2 thoughts on “Moving House: 3 Simple Tips to Stay Sane During the Move

  1. James Harrison

    Hiring moving companies is not necessary to all movers. Its totally depends on that person who are planning to move. If you are organised, have some plan for moving and also have an idea about packing so there is no need to hire professionals. Professional are very useful to provide a smooth & safe delivery of the items & as well they are proficient in their work.

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