Earn some extra cash by hiring your property out as a film location

canstockphoto11979587If you’re looking to earn a little bit of extra cash and have run out of ideas you might just be sitting in the best money maker of them all: your house. There’s quite a bit of money to be earned in renting your property out as a film location, but it may take a while before you get any interest in your property. In this blog we’ll cover how you can turn your property into a TV star, earn some cash and a few things to consider.

Before doing anything you should probably de-clutter the house and give it a good clean before taking a stack of photos to send off. A director isn’t going to choose a property littered with different items. They’re going to want a blank canvas on which they can create their own atmosphere for the filming process. You don’t have to throw anything out, just hide it away before you make the next step.

Once you have given the house a clean you’re going to want to find some suitable film location agencies and get your property on one of their books. You should thoroughly research any potential agents as some will differ on services. Some may ask for a larger percentage of any commission you make than others or some may only take homes in certain areas. The things you should be looking for when you’re searching for a location agent are:

  • They work towards marketing your property as if it were their own
  • Correctly value and market your home
  • Be in regular contact you with regards to the progress of your home being marketed
  • Arrange and conduct viewings
  • Negotiate the best price possible

These are the sorts of attributes you should look for in the agents. It might be a good idea to speak to their current clients and see how they have worked for them. They’ll be able to give you an honest review and inform you whether they’re worth your time.

Once your home has been chosen the production company may want to make a few alterations to the aesthetics of your home to make it more fitting for their purpose. This can be both a good and a bad thing. If you have been waiting for a while to give your living room a new paint job, the production company re-working your walls may be a good thing, but if you love your pink carpets and they swap it out for wooden flooring, it may be a bad thing. Before letting anyone film in your home make sure that you are both clear on what can be altered and what can’t. In most cases if the production team do make alterations to your home they will change it back to how it was before, but again, make sure that this is laid clear in your first meeting.

The money you can earn depends on different variables. Things like the size of your property, the length of stay of the production company, the location of the home, it’s ‘uniqueness’ will all alter how much you can earn. Your agent should be able to figure out the correct value of your home and give you an honest evaluation.

Remember that you may be waiting a long time before anyone picks up on your property and chooses to use it. Turning your home into a film set is a great way to earn a bit of money and it’s always fun to watch your friends’ faces when they see your kitchen on TV!


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