A Close Look at The Utilities: Four Ways to Reduce Your Bill During the Winter

If you’re looking to save money this winter, start by taking a closer look at your energy consumption. With a few easy steps, you can save on energy bills and make your home more comfortable. These changes are easy, affordable and effective at lowering energy usage.

Make Use of Drapes

Invest in some attractive drapes for the windows. During the day, let the sun stream in and warm the home. When the sun sinks in the sky, close the drapes to block any drafts and stop heat loss. Your home will feel cozier with the curtains closed, and you’ll use less energy to heat the home.

Weather Stripping for Every Room

You don’t have to buy new doors and windows to make the home more energy efficient. Check the weather stripping around your home. If it’s torn, missing or crushed down, it should be replaced. This simple step will keep drafts out and make the home warmer.

Add Insulation to Key Areas

You don’t have to rip the walls open to bump up the insulation. Put more insulation in the attic, but take care not to block the soffit vents as you work. Add insulation to crawlspaces to warm up the floor. You can also buy special insulating pads to go around light switches and outlets on exterior walls. The extra insulation reduces heat loss and ensures that your home remains comfortable.

Embrace Automation

Companies like Vivint security offer home automation systems that help you save money. They can link your home’s lights and thermostat to your smart phone, so you can enjoy superior temperature control. With Vivint home security and automation, you can turn off lights from the office and adjust the temperature with an energy efficient thermostat. You can also turn on a few lights right before you return home so you can easily find your way when you come home after a long day at work.

Invest in Basic Maintenance

Your furnace will run more efficiently if you invest in regular maintenance. Annual tune-ups are affordable, and they provide you with several important benefits. The furnace will last longer, and it won’t pull as much energy when they’re properly lubricated and cleaned. Cleaning your kitchen appliances will also help them run more efficiently and last longer.

With these easy adjustments, you can effectively lower your home utility bills this winter. These changes are all surprisingly affordable and highly effective. Your home will be more comfortable, and you’ll watch your electric and gas bill drop when you embrace these smart improvements.

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  1. dojo

    All good tips. We invested in good windows (and frames) and also doors and it already increased our comfort (and decreased the heating bills). The other tips are also great, few tweaks here and there and you can have a warmer home at a smaller price.

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