“Updating Your Home Insurance Policy After Your Move” OR “Checking on insurance during a house move”

Right, the big day has been and gone and the weeks of packing and preparation have led you to your lovely new home without too many boxes that are suspiciously more rattly than when they were packed. Not only did the removals guys find the right postcode for your new abode, but they even found the right room with some of your carefully labelled boxes. Insurance probably won’t be the first thought you have under these circumstances, but it should certainly be somewhere on the checklist.

Insuring the fragile contents– Probably the first thing to consider is who is actually doing the move for you and will they have appropriate insurance cover for the job they are doing.

A reputable, professional removals firm will, of course, be fully insured and if anything happens to your valuable home contents whilst they are in their care you will have the security of knowing you won’t be out of pocket, at least financially.

However these professional house movers often come at a substantial cost and in these financially strained times more and more people adopt a DIY approach, hiring a large van or a man with van service and doing the job themselves. In these circumstances it is definitely worth speaking to either your home insurance provider or even the vehicle insurer to arrange additional cover for this purpose.

Insuring a smooth move– Ideally, and if you are the super-organised type, you will have called the insurance providers along with the utility companies, telephone provider and banks some time in advance of the big day and informed them of your plans.

However, the rest of us stumble along and deal with these things as and when we remember or when a problem arises. The important thing to remember with insurance services is that in the event of a claim, if the material facts differ substantially from the agreed details on the policy document they won’t pay out. In other words if your new home floods, or catches fire, and you haven’t updated the insurance company with your new details then you may well find yourself uninsured. It really is pretty difficult to overstate the importance of dealing with these things as soon as possible!

Insuring a happy home- The fresh start offered by a new home is a great time to review all manner of things and there are many comparison sites to be found on the internet that make the job really easy. With the Internet and the online policy management facilities offered by most insurers, you are not even constrained by office hours or the need to speak to a real person to keep your insurances up to date. With home insurance, just like vehicle insurance, is worth shopping around to make sure you are getting a competitive deal – both in terms of the cost of the premium but also on level of cover, voluntary and mandatory excesses. Such additional extras as jewellery and high value items cover, and cover outside the house can be added to the policy at extra cost but do provide real peace of mind.

Author bio: Samuel Joyce is a writer by heart. He lives in London with his wife and his lovely child. He has contributed many articles related to home improvement, home removals and interior decoration. Besides he has also written about companies offering removal services in London.


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  6. Adan Bert

    Some reputable moving companies provides insurance of your items so try to hire a moving firm who also insure your items for any damage or theft.

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  9. Eva Lennon

    This is quite helpful to me as I am planning to make a move in next week and I was looking for such kind of informative stuff to know that How it should be done. I will go for a company that can insure for my belongings.

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