Your Monthly Budget: Five things you Might Forget to Include

A budget is a very good tool for managing personal finances. The effectiveness of a budget relies on the accuracy of the numbers. People developing a monthly budget often forget different irregular charges. This can cause overspending every month. Many people forget to include certain things in their monthly budget. Here are some items you’ll want to include.

Seasonal Expenses

It is easy to forget to plan for seasonal expenses in a monthly budget. These expenses can include landscaping during the summer, buying new clothes in the winter or inspecting a heating and cooling system in the fall. Monthly budgets should be adjusted each season to reflect these costs. This will prevent expensive surprises throughout the year.


Some people forget to include entertainment expenses in a monthly budget. These expenses are items like eating at a restaurant, seeing a movie or going out to a game with friends. These expenses can quickly add up and create budgeting problems. The budget should include a small amount of funds that can be used generally for entertainment. Entertainment expenses should be curbed once the funds are gone.

Car Maintenance and Tires

Everyone must deal with car maintenance expenses. Budgets should include enough for annual inspections and one or two tune-ups. Tires will also wear down over time. It can help to purchase cheap tires if you find a deal and save them so that they do not have to be included in the budget later. This can help you manage your budget. It is a good idea to save a little extra throughout the year for unexpected car maintenance.


Pets are often left out of a monthly budget. Pets incur expenses beyond food. Pets need grooming, shots and sometimes medical treatment. Pet owners will want to plan for scheduled pet expenses. These expenses should be increased a little every year as the pet grows older and requires more attention.

Financing Fees

Financing fees are very easy to forget when creating a monthly budget. Financing fees are charged by banks or other institutions when an automatic teller machine is used or when money is transferred between accounts. These also include annual fees to keep credit cards or bank accounts active. The budget should include scheduled annual fees as well as a certain amount for small daily or weekly fees.

Budgets need to be assessed at the end of every month. This often means reconciling receipts and bills with what was spent during the month. You’ll need to adjust your budget for your next month and try to lower your food or entertainment expenses if you go over.  A simple way to find forgotten items is to investigate any differences between planned spending and actual spending.


Author Bio: This article was written by Kandace Heller with help from Rhett Stone from Kandace is a freelance writer in Orlando, Florida. She loves to do research and share what she learns.

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  1. dojo

    Ouch, so true. The bank fees are pretty costly in a year’s time and we actually had a shock seeing how much we spend on these. We do budget for the car though. Seasonal expenses – clearly not in our budget, but we also don’t spend then, since we’re not into gifting and decorating, so it’s just the regular grocery bill.

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