How To Upgrade Your Style On A Budget

Many people assume that upgrading their wardrobe requires plenty of money to purchase designer labels and high-end pieces. Although it’s easier to upgrade your outfits with a large budget, there are still several ways to makeover your clothing in frugal ways that are affordable.

Bid Online

Many online websites sell high-end clothing and accessories through auctions that allow customers to determine the price that they want to pay. Some of the clothing may be brand new, still in the box, or second-hand, but are all worth a deal with a bit of patience and persistence when participating in bidding wars.

Rent Designer Labels

Designer labels are available to rent through several companies that will loan the products out for an a period of time. Most of the products can be rented for an average of a month, making it an easy and affordable option for upgrading your style without paying more than you can afford.

Take Advantage of Annual Sales

Annual sales at major department stores offer major discounts that can mean up to 75 percent off of clothing, accessories, and designer labels. This makes it easy to upgrade your style each year and stay current on the latest trends and looks.

Shop at Flea Markets

For those who appreciate vintage pieces, flea markets offer many different treasures at low prices for those looking to purchase an old Louis Vuitton purse or perhaps a fur jacket. Come with cash and don’t be afraid to barter for an incredible way of upgrading your wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.

Compare Online Prices

Instead of paying full price for your favorite pair of Bermuda shorts or a leather jacket, compare prices online to obtain the lowest price by visiting several different websites. You can upgrade your style in the summer heat with an affordable Fendi hat or beat the chill with a Farah Vintage Macin the winter. By shopping online, these popular items often retail at a lower cost then in stores.

Buy During the Holidays

Whether it’s Memorial Day weekend or Black Friday, each department store and clothing boutique is competitive when it comes to getting customers in the door. Wait to shop until major holidays for an easier way of finding coupons in the local newspaper and taking advantage of the latest promotions that are available.


Upgrading your style is easier than you think without having to pay more than you can afford. Take advantage of local promotions, online auctions, and flea markets for an incredible way of purchasing trendy items that are attainable to the average consumer.



Savannah Coulsen is a freelance writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru. Savannah likes to beat the chill with a Farah Vintage Mac.