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Budgeting- Before, During and After a House Move

A house move is an exciting prospect for a family- after a long wait and months of planning, you’re moving into your dream home. However, along with being a beautiful dream being realised, a house move also means heavy financial constraints for long. The moment you finalise the new accommodation, your efforts towards funding the move and making easy buying the new property should start. Here are a few budgeting tips that can be followed before, during and after the move:

Before the move: as soon as a move is on the cards, you can over all limit your expenditure a bit. A few specific things-

  • Strictly stop buying crockery, room decorations, and bed covers etc. Leave these to be bought after you move to the new house, and choose according to the interiors of the new house.
  • Cut down on candies and colas. You won’t be realising but these significantly eat up your money along with giving you those extra kilos. Whenever you have change jingling in your pocket, don’t be tempted to spend it on a candy bar, instead use a piggy bank and save all those coins. You’d be amazed how the smallest currency can add up to a big amount.
  • Cancel the subscription for magazines at least a month in advance. You’d probably be too busy to read them anyway.

During the move: Now is the most difficult time. You are already hassled by the prospect of moving an entire household to a new place and on top of that, you have the devious money worries.

  • When planning for the move, go through the stuff you are packing and dig out things that you can recycle. Reuse all the things that can be possibly recycled.
  • Be very careful while packing your stuff. Don’t take along things that you won’t need at the new place. You would only add to the costs of packaging and freight.
  • Sell the old stuff online. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you can put up all the old things for sale online. You never know you might fetch a good price for old stuff too!
  • Hire a removals company with care. Most people make the mistake of thinking that a DIY move would be less expensive than hiring professional movers. The reality is inverse. A professional removals company can make the move much less costlier than it would have been for you otherwise. Go and hunt for the services for best removals and storage in Dorset.
  • Use materials from your home such as old duvets, bed sheets, curtains etc. to wrap delicate items. This will save you from the costs of fancy and unnecessary packaging material.

After the move: even this time, you can save dough by taking care of a few things.

  • You can keep the housewarming party on hold until you are more stable financially.
  • Get CFL bulbs for your home. These will cut down on your electricity costs eventually.
  • Prevent any sort of leakage of water and warmth for the optimal efficiency of heaters and saving on utility bills

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Organizing and Packing Tips for Easy Relocation

A house move comes with a bundle of mixed feelings. On one hand you are super excited about the new house, the new location etc. but on the other hand there is the monster of the move scaring you. If you are a student who is habitual to shifting places twice or thrice year or a young couple moving from a one room apartment to other, you would know that a DIY move is strenuous but is possible with some planning and proper organizing. Even if you are taking the help of a removals company, you have the packing of your stuff to deal with. Having a full house to pack up and pack it up properly is a nightmare. Here however are a few tips that will make the process less daunting.

Start with a room or a corner that is used least- to start with the humongous task of packing up the entire house, the most difficult is to choose the starting point. Start with the room or the corner which is used the least or the one which you can do without for a few days, say the library or the drawing room. This will give you a free space to stock up rest of the stuff.

Using self storage can help you a lot. You can ask about the various self storage services in Wandsworth, Bristol, Kent, Stockholm and all across the UK. As and when you are done with the big stuff, you can move it into a self storage facility. This will not only keep the packed valuables safe from being knocked over, but will also give you ample space at home to move around and get packed the rest of the stuff easily and quickly.

Start with the big stuff. Pack up the big pieces of furniture, tables, desks, and extra chairs first. But make sure that the desks are emptied before you pack them. As far as possible, pack the stuff in a way that makes it stackable. Once you’re done with the bigger pieces, you can then concentrate on the smaller pieces and contents of cupboards etc.
When a move is on the cards, you get a chance to get done with one of the most procrastinated tasks ever- de-cluttering. It’s a time to trap up the emotions and throw away things that are of no use to you and are just occupying valuable space in your house. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’d be able to de-clutter the entire house in one day. Start with a cupboard and a drawer per day. Divide the stuff into three parts- stuff that is absolutely necessary and can’t be discarded, stuff that can be recycled, donated or sold online and stuff that needs to go in the trash can. The better you de-clutter lesser the stuff you have to carry to the new house. This only means that the new place would be much more organised and you’d also have to pay less for the transportation of the stuff.

Keeping in mind these few things will help you make your move much easier and hassle free. Start early. As soon as you have conceptualized the move, start with the packing and de-cluttering. This way on the final day you will be prepared and won’t be pulling your hair out of stress.


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