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Win the Hearts and Appetites of the Local Hipsters For Your Food Truck

You’ve heard of the food truck, they’re popping up everywhere, and almost every major city in the US has a food truck scene going on.  In fact, they are so popular now that people will follow the trucks on Twitter and seek them out, following them far and wide, for a familiar taste of a delectable delight they’ve not only grown to love, but feel cool telling others that they’re eating.  That’s every food truck’s dream: not only to be successful, but to have the cool area hipsters actually feel cool themselves by eating at your truck.  You can’t just hope and pray for that, you have to have a cool idea, and cool image, and then a cool and delicious food.  Here are some ways to win the hearts and appetites of your local hipsters with your food truck.

1.  Be Where the Drinking Folks Are








What’s the best way to get business?  Be where drunk or tipsy people are.  Park that truck outside the bars of a local popular area for drinking.  It shouldn’t be hard to find.  At first, you’re going to want to try out a few different locations and once you find one that’s particularly successful, you may want to hit that spot on the reg.  That’s a great way to attract loyal and repeat customers among the cool and Tweeting.  That’s a dream come true, someone with 10,000 followers regularly bragging about how cool they are for having your taco or your grilled cheese sandwich.  Drunk people love to eat irresponsibly and so they might as well do so at your truck.

2.  Make the Menu Obvious






You don’t want to have a long list of things to order, you want to keep it simple.  One way of doing that is printing the various items on your truck.  But at peak times, that could cause a cluster mess at your window, so another cool idea is to have a roll up banner stand that you can unroll and present outside your truck when you’re set up for the night.  These can be purchased for real cheap at The Display Outlet and they will help you drum up business because the drunk folks won’t want to think too hard about what to order.  They’ll want to be presented with a few simple options and just point.
3.  Local Theme and Local Flair







One thing people like is a little bit of authenticity, so whether you have a taco truck or a lobster roll truck, make sure the employees know a thing or two about the food they’re serving.  No one wants a taco made by a scraggly white dude, we want it from a Mexican who hardly speaks English.  It may not seem politically correct, but our food truck desires are never politically correct.  Same with that lobster roll truck: make sure at least someone in there has been to Maine or ideally is from Maine.  Are you really going to eat an expensive lobster roll from New Yorkers who’ve never lived in Maine?


Organizing and Packing Tips for Easy Relocation

A house move comes with a bundle of mixed feelings. On one hand you are super excited about the new house, the new location etc. but on the other hand there is the monster of the move scaring you. If you are a student who is habitual to shifting places twice or thrice year or a young couple moving from a one room apartment to other, you would know that a DIY move is strenuous but is possible with some planning and proper organizing. Even if you are taking the help of a removals company, you have the packing of your stuff to deal with. Having a full house to pack up and pack it up properly is a nightmare. Here however are a few tips that will make the process less daunting.

Start with a room or a corner that is used least- to start with the humongous task of packing up the entire house, the most difficult is to choose the starting point. Start with the room or the corner which is used the least or the one which you can do without for a few days, say the library or the drawing room. This will give you a free space to stock up rest of the stuff.

Using self storage can help you a lot. You can ask about the various self storage services in Wandsworth, Bristol, Kent, Stockholm and all across the UK. As and when you are done with the big stuff, you can move it into a self storage facility. This will not only keep the packed valuables safe from being knocked over, but will also give you ample space at home to move around and get packed the rest of the stuff easily and quickly.

Start with the big stuff. Pack up the big pieces of furniture, tables, desks, and extra chairs first. But make sure that the desks are emptied before you pack them. As far as possible, pack the stuff in a way that makes it stackable. Once you’re done with the bigger pieces, you can then concentrate on the smaller pieces and contents of cupboards etc.
When a move is on the cards, you get a chance to get done with one of the most procrastinated tasks ever- de-cluttering. It’s a time to trap up the emotions and throw away things that are of no use to you and are just occupying valuable space in your house. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’d be able to de-clutter the entire house in one day. Start with a cupboard and a drawer per day. Divide the stuff into three parts- stuff that is absolutely necessary and can’t be discarded, stuff that can be recycled, donated or sold online and stuff that needs to go in the trash can. The better you de-clutter lesser the stuff you have to carry to the new house. This only means that the new place would be much more organised and you’d also have to pay less for the transportation of the stuff.

Keeping in mind these few things will help you make your move much easier and hassle free. Start early. As soon as you have conceptualized the move, start with the packing and de-cluttering. This way on the final day you will be prepared and won’t be pulling your hair out of stress.


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